Backflow Services

What are backflow services?

Backflow prevention is not an option: it’s the law. Proper prevention protects your and your community’s water supply from contamination. Such contamination can cause illness, rashes, burns, even fatalities.

The problem occurs when a drop in water pressure forces the water in your pipe to enter the drinking water supply. However, if your backflow prevention device is installed and functioning properly, you will not be responsible for harming the shared water supply.

If contamination occurs, the State of Illinois is responsible for determining the cause of the problem. They are also responsible for taking necessary action. Such action can result in costly fines and suits. One’s commercial or personal reputation could be damaged too. The responsibility of making sure the backflow prevention devices work properly falls on the consumer. That includes those who use water for irrigation or commercial purposes.

When questions arise call us at 618-985-2021. If you practice diligent backflow prevention, then you are ahead of a majority of the population. However, we still encourage you to contact us for a quote, as our rates are very competitive.

Thad Ellet Plumbing is licensed to certify and repair backflow devices to keep yours functioning properly year after year. We are a full-service plumbing company with nearly two decades of experience. Therefore, our mission statement is to bring quality, affordable plumbing service to Southern Illinois. We offer multiple device discounts and monthly specials. Clean, safe, friendly, thorough and knowledge describe our team of plumbers perfectly. Our team can assess your devices and help keep your business respectable, legal and safe, and clean.